Time Tunnel: Visions of the future

In Room 8, the last in the exhibition, visitors enter a time tunnel into the future of individual mobility. Here we examine such issues as alternative fuels, smart cars and aerodynamics, and we describe the current state of vehicle development. It becomes clear that the visions of today are actually not that far removed from those of a hundred years ago; only the technical possibilities have become different. At every stage of human history, changing social needs have driven forward the development of new materials, forms of propulsion and vehicle bodies. In addition to economic and technical aspects, challenges arising from environmental and transport policy have influenced our visions of the future shape of mobility. PS.SPEICHER is being expanded in three phases to become an exhibition and activity centre. The heart of this area is the former granary in Einbeck which has been lovingly restored consistent with its landmark status. The building will no longer store the fodder to power horses but instead examples of mechanical horsepower. On more than 3,400 square metres of exhibition space spread over six floors, we take our visitors on a journey through the development of individual mobility.