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The debate on alternatives to conventional fuels and drive systems started well before our own era. This Citroën TA 15, for example, was powered by a wood gasifier.

Mobility for reconstruction

The sky is black with bombers, and on the ground below is a burnt-out car. The sobering scenario at the entrance to Room 4 symbolises the political, economic and social background in Germany after the Second World War. This part of the exhibition deals with the new start for motorisation in the ten years after 1945. Initially, reconstruction is restricted to two-wheelers, as bicycles (with and without auxiliary engine) and mopeds dominate the streetscape. But the aspiration for mobility cannot be suppressed indefinitely, and in 1950s West Germany, colourful scooters become fashionable. In our exhibition, we have built a stylish ‘milk bar’ set to show them in context.