From the early 19th century into the future

PS.SPEICHER is more of an adventure destination for the whole family than a museum in the traditional sense. It wants to fascinate its visitors and it always wants to create new impressions by changing exhibitions and the presentation style. With its highly visual and varied approach that informs without lecturing, this exhibition takes visitors on a chronological journey through all ages and stages of motorised mobility. The 5,000m² exhibition space occupies eight rooms on six floors of Einbeck’s former granary which is now a listed building. Starting on the top floor, family groups, classic car fans and technically interested visitors as well as school groups proceed via displays and interactive stations to explore the economic, political and social conditions in which wheeled transport has been used during the past 130 years. Exhibits are set against contemporary backdrops – a streetscape from the Roaring Twenties, a milk bar from the 1950s or a disco scene from the 1970s – and enhanced by audiovisual activity stations and detailed texts on specific topics as well as discovery opportunities for children to suit the different needs and expectations of all visitors, regardless of prior expertise.

The genesis of the motor vehicle


The motorbike for everyone


Vehicles for the people


Mobility for reconstruction


Hard facts in East and West


The affluent society


Stronger – Faster – Safer


Time Tunnel: Versions of the future

2010 till now