History and museums
Local history museum with 
section given over to the bicycle.

The most modern bicycle museum in Germany has an extensive collection of two-wheelers as well as the revamped Bockbier department. At the Wissenstheke (Knowledge Bar), you can find out all about beer brewed in Einbeck.

Eickesches Haus

Located in Marktstrasse, Eickesches Haus is a prime example of German half-timbered architecture. Dating from around the year 1612,
this dwelling is testimony to the
wealth of its original owner
(identity unknown) and to the
spirit of the Late Renaissance.

Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall)

Dominating the market square is
the most famous building in Einbeck – the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall).
With its three conical towers,
it has come to symbolise Einbeck.
The Town Hall in its present form is based on a predecessor building
from the 13th century. 
Einbecker Brauhaus AG

For more than 600 years, the brewmasters of Einbeck have been applying themselves with diligence, passion and craftsmanship to the production of tasty beer – including some real specialist varieties – using only the finest ingredients. Guided tours are by prior arrangement only.

Market Church of St Jacobi
The Lutheran parish church at the western end of the town square was built by the town’s Protestant citizens in the 13th century. The Gothic building with its slender 65-metre west tower was last extensively renovated in 2011.

Einbeck Mustard Mill

Since 2010, premium-quality mustard has once again been made in Einbeck, just like in olden times. Visitors can observe the skills involved in making mustard on a guided tour. There are plenty of mustard varieties on sale in the mill shop – something to delight every palate!

Brodhaus (Bread House)

The first reference to the Brodhaus (Address: Markt 13) dates back to 1333 when it was known as the
‘House of the Bakers on the Market’.
The Gildehaus (Guild House) was
built in 1552 with a high-ceilinged
ground floor and overhanging
upper floor.
Minster Church of St Alexander

The Stiftskirche of St Alexander
(also known as the Minster Church)
is located on Stiftsplatz.
It has choir stalls in two sections
dating back to 1288,
which makes them the
oldest of their kind in

Blue print

For over 350 years, the art of blue
print has been practised in Einbeck. Einbeck is one of the few places in Germany, where this kind of work
is still done by hand using traditional patterns. You can learn more about
this art form on a guided tour.